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Indiana Basketball History Magazine – Spring 2016

September 28, 2016

Any Hoosier remotely interested in the history of the state that became known as “the basketball state” is usually well informed about the Milan Miracle that took place in Butler Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on March 20, 1954. It is the story of a small rural town in southeastern Indiana and how it pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports history by winning the Indiana high school basketball state championship. In fact, the movie Hoosiers has helped to keep this famous game alive which pitted little Milan against powerful and heavily favored Muncie Central. Milan won 32-30 on a last second jump shot by the last of the small town heroes, Bobby Plump.

It has been the mission of many people, including this author, and the hard working people at the Milan ‘54 Hoosiers museum, to keep this famous team, this famous game mentioned in the media from time to time. One way to keep legendary sporting events or players who took part in them on the minds of sports fans is to produce and re-run films, documentaries, videos and news clips as well as books and magazine articles about the accomplishments of participants who have died.




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