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Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame unveils Podcast

April 21, 2020
IBHF Podcast

In the midst of closure of their museum and public distancing measures, the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame has debuted “The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Podcast” to continue to fulfill their mission to honor, preserve and promote the heritage of Indiana high school basketball.

Episodes share the uniquely-Indiana basketball stories and experiences of Hoosiers beginning with nine basketball legends from the state. 

Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, George McGinnis, Damon Bailey, Bobby Plump, Steve Alford, Stephanie White, Katie Douglas and Judi Warren comprise the first nine episodes, sharing stories of growing up in the state including their notable high school experiences.

“The interviews with these nine Indiana basketball legends were compiled for a video project a few years ago,” notes Hall of Fame executive director Chris May.  “Each of them shared such fantastic stories and memories that couldn’t all be included in our video project, so we knew we had to find a way to share them in their entirety.” 

“If there’s one upside to the COVID-19 situation, it’s that while we haven’t been able to welcome visitors into our museum, we have been able to upload these interviews in their entirety to share the experiences of some of our state’s greatest living basketball legends.”

Episodes will continue to be added to the series and include a variety of guests.

“Everyone who has grown up with a basketball in their hands in Indiana has a story to be chronicled,” May states.  “Whether it was learning to shoot a ball in a barn, playing pick-up games in city parks, sold out crowds for high school games or other early associations with the sport, so many Hoosiers have interesting stories to be shared and to be recorded for posterity.”

The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Podcast is available online or through Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneIn and Stitcher.