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Indiana Basketball History Magazine -Fall 2012

December 14, 2012

Elkhart High School boys played basketball from 1909 to 1972 when the school was split into Central and Memorial High Schools. Its record was as follows:

   63   Seasons           winning percentage     64.1
   49   Sectionals        winning percentage    57.1
   28   Regionals         winning percentage    50.0
   10   Semi-States     winning percentage    30.0

This article recounts the story of one of Indiana’s most distinguished, yet forgotten, high school basketball programs. Elkhart was a finalist in 1954, the year Milan won, and in 1956, the year Crispus Attucks with Oscar Robertson became the first undefeated high school champion, and in 1971 when East Chicago Washington went undefeated and was arguable the greatest Indiana high school team of all time.

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