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Indiana Basketball History Magazine – Fall 2018

November 6, 2018

“When I first started researching this book, started asking sportswriters and athletic directors if they knew of any obscure outposts of Hoosier Hysteria, the name Rossville came up over and over. Rossville is the real deal.”     From HOOSIER HYSTERIA ROAD BOOK: A Guide to the Byways of Indiana High School Basketball (2001), by Dale Lawrence.  Time is memory’s enemy, but I remember. It was late July, 1971. My mother, my sister, and I were heading west on SR 26 toward Lafayette, where my sister would soon be attending college. We had made the jog in the road at Middlefork and whisked through a village called Sedalia when soon we were in sight of a bigger place, something that could call itself a town without apology, complete with water tower, downtown businesses, and blinker light at the intersection of another highway. I noticed the name, but it wasn’t until we were west of the light – about the time we passed the Methodist church — that it registered with me. “This is Rossville?” I asked, sitting up at once. I wheeled around in my seat. “That was Rossville?  The Rossville?”

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