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Indiana Basketball History Magazine – Winter 2015

March 12, 2015

Tigers symbolize power, passion, and bravery, always giving 100% in every endeavor and bouncing back for fresh challenges with an optimistic outlook and playful demeanor. The female Tigress is great with the young, likes to pamper herself, easily laughs at herself, and often flashes a bright, brilliant smile even in despair.

Lawrenceburg High School is the home of the Tigers, and a native, beautiful 19-year-old named Lauren Hill is the essence of a true Tiger. She is capturing hearts with her “Never give up” motto and love for the game of basketball. If you missed the headlines or ‘Layup4Lauren Challenge,’  I’ll bring you up to speed and provide a glimpse into the life of this young athlete who proudly wears #22. This Tiger is both fully living and fighting for her life in the midst of raising awareness and funding for brain cancer research, a valiant effort that has made a global impact around the world.

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