NBA 11 years. Milwaukee made him #1 pick in the draft . . . Sophomore center when New Castle reached the final four in 1971 . . . 1,496 points and 1,585 rebounds in 3 years with the Trojans . . . at IU, he started as a freshman and capped that year by winning the Outstanding Player Award when Big Ten co-champion IU won the Conference Commissioner’s Association tournament in St. Louis . . . the next 2 years, the Hoosiers were the best team in the country, climaxing a 63-1 run by winning the 1976 NCAA championship at Philadelphia . . . Benson scored 25 points in the final game victory over Michigan and was named the Final Four’s outstanding Player. A consensus All-American pick that year and the next, when he won the Big Ten’s Most Valuable Player Award. He scored 1740 points, No. 2 on the all-time list at IU when he graduated and still #7

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