What is a Challenge Gift?

A challenge gift is a donation with certain requirements that can affect the final donation amount. These types of gifts typically have two parts: a criteria and a follow-through.

For example, an employee matching program is a challenge gift where an employer challenges an employee to donate to a non-profit (the criteria), at which point the employer will then match that donation (the follow-through).

How can this help contribute to the Past & Present, Forever Campaign?

By working with the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, a single donor or organization can have a greater impact on this campaign by challenging their family, community, or employees to get involved. This also allows those who get involved to learn more about the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

The criteria do not have to be based on donations like the example above but can be specific to the desires of the principal donor. Other examples would be a donor pledging $50 for each hour of community service that his family participates in or $1 for every point scored at our Raymond James Hall of Fame Classic.

Typical requirements of a challenge gift

As mentioned, each challenge gift is different and exact requirements are based on the individual donor. Here are a few that a common:

  • Time restriction of when the criteria must be met
  • A minimum and maximum donation amount
  • Clear details on the criteria and reporting that criteria

If you have questions or would like to setup a challenge gift for the Past & Present, Forever Campaign, please contact Trip Lukemeyer at 765-529-1891 x107 (office), 317-983-4667 (cell), or trip@hoopshall.com.