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Indiana Basketball History Magazine -Spring 2012

July 9, 2012

The small sleepy town of Monroeville lies in the southeast corner of Allen County and in 1948 had a population of around 1,000 inhabitants. The school there was known as Monroeville School, with grades one through 12. There was no kindergarten there in those days. The high school had less than 100 students. The most notable thing to happen to that town and the school in 1948 was the outstanding success of the high school basketball team, the Monroeville Cubs.

There were 10 county schools in those days and five in the city of Fort Wayne. The 10 in the county were Monroeville and Hoagland (now Heritage), Woodburn and Harlan (now Woodlan), Arola and Huntertown (now Carroll), Lafayette Central (now merged into Homestead), Elmhurst, New Haven,and Leo. The five city schools were North Side, South Side, Central, Central Catholic, and Concordia. The Fort Wayne sectional in those days was made up of these 15 schools plus Coesse from Whitley County to make an even 16. Never before in the history of the Fort Wayne sectional had a -county- team won a sectional.

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