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Indiana Basketball History Magazine – Spring 2018

June 5, 2018

Regional, Here We Come!, “Thelma!” Frankie nearly shouted into the phone. “We’re in the top 10 teams in Indiana! We’re ranked at #10, Vincennes is ranked #9, and Ft. Wayne South is #1! Can you believe this?”  Thelma didn’t respond immediately, but when Frankie took a breath, she just said, “Oh, I bet you’re better than number 10.”  “Thelma, there are 736 high schools in the state, and our little old Springs Valley is #10! Can you believe it?” Frankie exclaimed.  “I’m so proud of you and our team, Frankie. I love this . . . what is happening with you and me and what is going on in our town . . . I mean towns,” she said. “I remember you telling me about your mom and dad, when they were dating in high school, how they would break up after a French Lick/West Baden game. I just feel like I’m walking on air most of the time. I wish this would never end.”

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